This is a very simple script module for litestep. Primary design goal was to make the script to be flexible enough to be able to do any kind of computations with the script. The secondary design goal was to keep a really simple implementation.

The script was written in C using only single linked lists as data structure. I spent less then a week, in total, on coding. In the read me file it was shown that the the script is flexible enough to do just about almost anything by implementing a turing machine simulator with mzscript.

My work with mzscript ceased with version 0.7.2, and for a long time there was not any updates. Here you can get the first open source (GPL) version of the script. You can find more recent versions here.



Motivation: mzscript is a singular module, which has changed theming as we know it. Themers use this module to save the desktop state, change color schemes, and to add advanced features by tying bang commands together. Often we will use a theme that seems to have it's own miniature applications inside, just to find that mzscript has been cleverly used - with shortcuts - to give the illusion of an application. And although this module has seen only a minor revision this year, we feel it's impact has been the greatest.


Last modified: March 09 2005 14:49:36.