Master thesis

In this master thesis, a system for simulating and rendering a viscous fluid in real-time, using particles, is implemented. Mesh-free methods are gaining new ground and are also used through out this system. The simulation uses a relatively new method within computer graphics, called Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. A new and effective method for extracting a surface from the simulation, for rendering using point splatting, is presented. An effective implementation in real time is achieved with plausible results.


The main objectives of this thesis was to:

  • Implement a general particle system. This system should specifically be able to handle internal forces between the particles.
  • Implement a SPH simulation using this particle system.
  • Implement and develop rendering of this simulation.

These implementations should be for real-time or near real-time execution. It should be implemented for standard desktop computers with the latest graphics hardware and an easily extendable and effective API should be created. Preferably OpenSceneGraph would be used for rendering.


The following media have been taken during different times of the development process. Most recent media is presented first. Raytraced images and movies have been produced after the thesis was finished.

Raytraced movie using Povray. Simulation only uses 500 particles.

Simulation of a fountain. Raytraced with Povray and post processed with GIMP. Image dimensions is 1024x768.

On request I have made a movie in some shade of red (4 MB). This is intended for possible surgical simulation.

Snapshot from movie of a simulation (4 MB). Simulated with 3000 particles, rendered on a GeForce 5900 Ultra card.

Screenshot with 500 physical elements (phyxels). Run at 20fps, when shot was taken, on a Celeron@450mhz with a GeForce 5900 Ultra card. Gravity turned off.


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