Graveyard adventure

This is the official homepage of the game formerly known as SQRXZ ([skw'3:ks]), the underground cult classic game.

How this game came to be

Twas a bright and sunny morning in the year 1994. The sky was clear and the birds sang in the trees. From a lonely cottage one could hear the sound of frantically tapping keys. A young man had just learned the wonders of Mode-X and was going to abuse it to realize a dream from long ago. It was to create a Giana Sisters type of game (this because they break bricks with their heads like cool martial artists). He was disturbed in his work by another youngsling who was intrigued by the beauty of his creation. They decided to cooperate in the project, which thereby took a drastic turn. Originally it was called Galliano brothers, but the whole setting gradually turned more towards a more horror-puzzle type game. And thus it was agreed that the game would be given another name. Through endless discussions and debates, and long nights without sleep they finally agreed on the name of 'SQRXZ' - from the sound that is made when a critter is crushed beneath the foot of a human being (and because it uses most of the cool letters in the alphabet :) ).

Why the change of name?


There have been much debate on the former name on how to pronounce the name of SQRXZ, and when porting to the mophun platform it was suggested that another name might help when promoting the game. This is why the name Graveyard adventure was taken. Graveyard was selected in coherence to the graphics and adventure was selected to indicate that this is an platform/puzzle type of the game.

Official versions

There have so far been only three official rewrites.

Mophun (2005)

This is them most recent version. You can find a demo here. It was only written for the Sony Ericsson t610 phone (and similar phones like the Sony Ericsson Z600) as it is the type of phone I've got. If you want the game then you can find your local reseller here.

mophun screenshot mophun screenshot mophun screenshot

Java applet (~2001)

This was written in order for me to learn Java. It took me two weeks of intense programming, and I had never tried Java before. I made some money on this one when a company approached me, wanting to by the Java source code. You can try the applet for your self here. (variations: no sound , zoom x2 and zoom x2 & nosound).

java screenshot java screenshot

DOS (Original ~1996)

This is the original version. It was written in Turbo Pascal and inline assembly. It was designed to run full frame rate on a 486, but was able to run full frame rate on even slower systems by reducing the resolution to 160x100 (using Mode X). Several levels and most of the graphics where done by John Holmvall.

There exists some minor variations on the dos version. The first release had all resource files (like levels and graphics) in the game executable root directory. When I later wrote a virtual file system for another project I recompiled SQRXZ to utilize this. The virtual file system used Huffman packing to compress several files into one resource file. It was designed so it could be appended on executable files. A few years later the game was recompiled to fix the "Runtime Error 200" bug of Borland Pascal 7 on fast PCs.

The latest dos version actually runs almost perfectly on my laptop (Evo N800v, using XP Pro). The controls seems a bit sluggish and the intro looks ugly, but I get sound(!) (intended for soundblaster) and smooth scrolling. You can download SQRXZ and try for your self. Unfortunately it does not seem to work very well with dosbox.

Unofficial versions

There exists several unofficial conversions. Most of them are written by, or based on the code written by . These conversions exists on Gameboy color, TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, TI-86 and TI-92.

There is also supposed to exist a version for win95/98 but I can not find this version for the moment.

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