Vacation to thailand

Posted February 20 2010 14:51 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Check Thailand blog: Thailand. (Swedish only)

Vacation to mauritius

Posted January 14 2008 21:06 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

A year later and another vacation. This time to Mauritius.

Vacation to brazil

Posted February 10 2007 01:39 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Going to the carnival, if you can read Swedish you can checkout the Rio blog.

Have added possibility to upload files to the blogs, I just might add the same possibility to the static pages. Discovered a bug while editing site template, making it difficult to editing side menu via the web interface.

Started using php 5

Posted June 05 2006 20:59 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Started using PHP 5 instead of PHP 4. I hade to make some minor ajustments when parsing xml using libxml (it did a poor job of detecting the correct encoding). You will hopefully not notice any differences yet, but it will allow me to start using more advanced object orientet programming when coding this site. It kind of made me feel like rewriting this whole system from scratch, using proper object oriented code (using patterns like factories and singeltons) with some extra PHP 5 features (like the __autoload function).

I am an mpeg

Posted January 17 2006 14:16 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Apparently I would be an mpg if i where a file ending.

Which File Extension are You?

Problems found and fixed

Posted November 19 2005 17:15 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Problems probably due to update of Apache/PHP, causing PHP output buffering functions to fail. Using a little bit less memmory efficient functions now.

Server problems

Posted November 15 2005 20:33 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Seam to be having some server problems with the Graveyard adventure page and the Egyptian blog.

I have just returned from Egypt, but will try to find a fix to this as soon as possible.

Two new pages

Posted February 27 2005 22:55 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Added two new pages. Old games and mzscript (a litestep module).

Finaly beginning to get a little bit of contents on this site. Next step with this site are probable to implement ability to comment blog entries and pages. Should add some new stuff after that, clean and release this php framework code and make a project page out of it and maybe redesign the css layout.

Graveyard adventure page

Posted February 25 2005 21:01 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Added graveyard adventure page to the site. Check it out for for the underground cult classic game formely known as SQRXZ ( sqrxz).

Added cv page

Posted February 23 2005 12:18 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

Added a curriculum vitae page to this site.

First entry

Posted February 22 2005 15:14 by mzeo (Marcus Vesterlund)

The framework for thie site are undergoing some major reconstructions, and this is the first entry in my new blog. If the framework turns out ok I plan to release it to the public. This framework is being written in php using a plugin based object oriented design.

You can find my old main page here.